The Dapto Chaser (ANT LIVE FILM)
By mary rachel brown

LAUNCHED september 2018

For the Sinclair family, the cut-throat world of greyhound racing is a religion.  And their beloved dog , Boy Named Sue, is more than a greyhound,  he’s their heart and soul on four legs. With a crucial race, the Winnebago Classic on the horizon, Cess Sinclair, has one shot at reversing his family’s fortunes for good. Against all the odds, he’s betting on a miracle.

The Dapto Chaser is warts-and-all Australian comedy that gets its hands dirty with the adrenaline, sweat and guts of the dog racing sub-culture. The Sinclairs are a family trapped in the pressure cooker of gambling addiction and when things don’t go to plan, they are forced to gamble the most important commodity of all – their relationship to each other.

The Dapto Chaser had a sold-out 2015 season as part of Griffin Independent. It enjoyed two regional NSW tours in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, we launched the ANT-Live film, captured with 9 cameras in the Griffin Theatre. ANT-Live - theatre to more places. The Dapto Chaser is now being screen nationally.