playwright submission guidelines / asylum

if selected for asylum, the following guidelines and dates apply:

  1. Plays must be thematically aligned with the issue of Asylum 
  2. Playwrights retain copyright and ownership of their play.
  3. Playwrights agree for their play to be performed in the ASYLUM series in February 2015.
  4. Apocalypse Theatre Company will source actors and directors to perform the plays selected for the series. Playwrights will be invited to be a part of that conversation and are welcome to suggest artists for their plays. Casting and choice of director will ultimately be decided by the Apocalypse Theatre Company.
  5. Plays must be between 5 - 60 mins.
  6. We encourage a diversity of style, story, form
  7. Plays will be performed on a bare-bones stage with only some props and very simple lighting states. Playwrights are encouraged to write with this bare bones presentation in mind.
  8. Playwrights agree to waive all fees so that ticket sales can be donated in full to the Asylum Seekers Centre Newtown and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Melbourne
  9. Playwrights are free to attach their name to the project in any press and media.
  10. Scripts will be briefly rehearsed on the day of performance (during the day) in space provided by Apocalypse Theatre Company. Directors may choose to rehearse for longer periods of time at their own discretion. 
  11. Performances can take the form of a reading, staged reading or fully performed presentation. 
  12. The full program will be decided once submissions have been received. Successful playwrights will be invited to be a part of the ASYLUM series. Any selected play may be presented as a one-off presentation on one night or it may be presented several times across the series. Programming is at the discretion of Apocalypse Theatre Company.

Key Dates

  1. Expressions of interest close December 31st 2014
  2. Selected playwrights will be advised by January 5th 2015.
  3. Plays need to be finished by January 20th.
  4. Actors and directors assigned by January 20th.
  5. ASYLUM: 2 - 15 February at Old 505 Theatre

Please don't hesitate to contact Dino Dimitriadis to discuss the project, your concept or any questions you may have.

We'd love to have you join us for this new summer series. Thanks for believing in what theatre can do. 

Dino Dimitriadis,
Artistic Director, Apocalypse Theatre Company
0415 315 111