Rapid Reads

8–20 April 2019| Old 505 Theatre

Rapid Reads storms the Old 505 once more in 2019, featuring a line up of the most impressive new works, emerging playwrights, untold stories to spill out onto the Sydney theatre scene.

The best news? Apocalypse Theatre Company and the Old 505 have partnered together to make the entire festival free.

Rapid Reads is made possible by sponsorship and generous support from Old 505 Theatre





Ned Schloeffel ‘THE SHOT’ - Wednesday 10th @ 7pm
Relationships, love, hate, desire, work, abuse, laughs, cheating, corruption, manipulation, a gun, a body, an impossible situation. When the police receive a call about drug use in an inner-city apartment, Sergeant Mark Phillips chooses to respond, knowing full well it’s his apartment and that his long-term partner, Ivy, must be smoking again. Quickly spiralling out of control, the situation sucks others into its vortex:  when tension reaches a critical point, a gun goes off, catapulting six people into an impossible situation. ‘The Shot’ is a black comedy centring on the machinations, manipulations, motivations and morals of modern couples.

Jack Powell ‘ORBIT’ - Thursday 11th @ 8pm 
How much can we learn from the humans we share our lives with? How much does our subconscious absorb from these outside influences, simply orbiting around our galaxy? Quite a bit, it seems

Jordan Shea ‘GAPS’ - Friday 12th @ 8pm
Two women. Fifty floors above the Sydney CBD. Election Night. 
The first woman of colour has been elected PM, and the night he has been, she’s found herself locked in a penthouse with a woman living mouth to mouth.

Caitlin Doyle-Markwick ‘AS SHE LAY’ - Saturday 13th @ 2pm.
Inspired by William Faulkner's Southern Gothic novel As I Lay DyingAs She Lay is a black comedy about a family's struggle to fulfil their mother’s dying wish. Death is expensive, and the Bugdens are broke. All of them have their own problems to deal with, from injury to a dried-up river and an interminable heatwave. If only they could buy some time…

Eliza Oliver ‘HOW TO KILL YOUR HAMSTER’ - Saturday 13th @ 7pm
How To Kill Your Hamster is a surreal dramedy about rape culture and how it influences the lives of young women. It is 2019; Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda live in a terrace house in Surry Hills. Crashing at their digs is Ham, a sensitive-good-guy who also happens to be a guinea pig, and rescue dog, Fran Fine. While each woman is flawed and complex, they are clear in their fight for what should have been always theirs; their bodies. Our heroines must navigate the inexorable tug between the 90s Power Women of third wave feminism they were raised on, and their own internalised misogyny and fears about their bodies. Over twelve months we live with the women and their pets as they voyage into the heady Millennial seas of birthdays, their relationships with each other, with men and with themselves.


Jasper Lee-Lindsay ‘I THINK I HATE MYSELF’ - Tuesday 16th @ 8pm
In the wake of his suicide, the mother, brother, and girlfriend of a young man deal with the mess he's left behind.

Pippa Ellams ‘BAND-AID BOY’ - Wednesday 17th @ 7pm
2 stories interwoven. Band-aid Boy explores what it's like to feel responsible for the wellbeing of another being and how we're not always very good at it.

Joe Brown - Wednesday 17th @ 7.30pm

Chris Edwards ‘KAREN’ - Wednesday 17th @ 8pm
Natalie's evening takes a mildly unpleasant and possibly murderous turn with the arrival of an unexpected guest: Karen, ferrywoman of the dead, transporter of souls, crasher of dinner parties.

Jackson Used ‘PIT’ - Thursday 18th @ 7pm
When a suspect emerges for the abduction and alleged murder of their teenage daughter more than a decade ago, Brigitte and Serge are violently pulled back into each other’s life.

M. St Clair ‘TOO LATE TO LOVE A WOMAN’ - Thursday 18th @ 8pm
A play about the suffocating weight of heteronormativity and how it shapes who and how we love. 

Tabitha Woo ‘HOUSE ON FIRE’ - Friday 19th @ 7pm
An heiress waits in her flooding mansion, a sea turtle defies her researchers, and a mother makes a new home in the aftermath of a catastrophic bushfire.

Antoinette Barbouttis - Friday 19th @ 8pm

Casandra Sorrell 'MARIGOLD or THE FAR SIDE OF THE MOON' - Saturday 20th @ 8pm
After years of ruthless applications, Jack has finally made it to Kepler, a settlement on the far side of the moon. He has been 'paired' with Eridanus, a savvy biology student with a grudge against Immigrants from Earth. A play about what it means to be The Other, Home, and being human.