Pozible Supporters

We ran a campaign a Pozible for Construction of the Human Heart to help us pay our artists for their work and expertise. Thanks to the generous people named below, our campaign achieved its target in only 10 days. We would like to thank:

(in alphabetical order)

Adrian Twigg

Alexander Butt

Andrej Zecevic

Anna Houston

Annabelle Lukin

Cai Lewis

Cameron Power

Camilla Ah Kin

Cat Dibley

Claire Absolum

David Watson

Drew Fairley

Eleanor Amiradaki

Elisabeth Peden

Elissa de Heer

Gareth Boylan

Georgie Edwards

Helen Martin

Jacki Mison

James Balian

Jan Stuart

Jane McLeod

Jessica Lousick

Joanna Brown

Karen Peck

Kate Elizabeth Smith

Kate Kerin 

Katie Pollock

Kim Knuckey

Kimberly Kelly

Lenore Robertson

Lizzie Schebesta

Lucy Miller

Luke Armstrong

Mark James Dessaix

Martin Egan

Mary Amiradaki

Mary Rachel Brown

Myles Tainsh

Naomi Livingston

Nic Lewis

Nicholas Fiennes

Robbie Keswick

Ryan Benson

Sher Kearney

Shira Bentley

Skye Loneragan 

Sotirios Karayianis

Tamsin Kemp

Tessa Tran

Tim Warden

Timothy Ong

Wesley Enoch