'Writhing, weeping, playing instruments, wallowing in a pool and sometimes getting naked, the cast work hard to make every moment count and over a brief 75 minutes, they succeed.' 
Jason Blake , Sydney Morning Herald  | FULL REVIEW

'Metamorphoses is richly in the bank for even the most avaricious Midas. This is a measure of how mightily impressed I was with (Dimitriadis') direction."

Lloyd Bradford Syke, Curtain Call | FULL REVIEW

'This isn’t your usual vanilla theatre...This is a work based upon movement, light, sound and boundless energy and imagination.' 

Stephen Carnell, Stage Whispers  | FULL REVIEW

 'The production does not tire for a moment in its offering' 
Paul Nolan , Sydney Arts Guide | FULL REVIEW

'...boxes in a basement works brilliantly as each piece is unwrapped from its packing case...One of the boxes is full of water...' 
Richard Cotter  | FULL REVIEW

'...sexually voracious, turbulent, sometimes hilarious and generally thrilling production.' 
Miro Sandev, ArtsHub  | FULL REVIEW

'Staged in a warehouse with grandstand style seating, this is a perfect environment' 
Rae Rogers, Weekend Notes  | FULL REVIEW

 'There was not one moment when you weren't glued to what was happening on the stage' 
Philippa Bird  | FULL REVIEW