By Mary Zimmerman

Breathe. Conquer. Love. Consume.

Remember. Chase. Fuck.

Torture. Die.



Tales from Ovid are presented in all their glory - mischievous, beautiful, savage and timeless - in the Tony-award-winning adaptation that illuminates the power of storytelling. Actors transform into character after character. Stories flow from the divine to the horrific. All of our collective primal instincts are on display - and more relevant than we may have anticipated…

Join two of Sydney's most exciting independent theatre companies for a fresh and furious take on ancient mythology in contemporary performance.

July 2012 | PACT Space


Writer: Mary Zimmerman | Director and Designer: Dino Dimitriadis | Assistant Director: Tristan Carey | Lighting Designer: William Ratcliffe | Stage Manager: Samantha Cunningham | Production Manager: Richard Russell | Graphic Designer: Jessica Lousick | Promotional Photographer: Rudi Yapp | Performance Photographer: Leo Bonne


(All in Multiple Roles) 

Jarrod Crellin, Rowan Freeman, Sophie Haylen, Richard Hilliar, Daniel Hunter, Jacqui Livingston, Danielle Maas, Alex Nicholas, Katrina Rautenberg, Katherine Shearer, Tim Warden


An Apocalypse Theatre Co and bAKEHOUSE Theatre co-production.


'Writhing, weeping, playing instruments, wallowing in a pool and sometimes getting naked, the cast work hard to make every moment count and over a brief 75 minutes, they succeed.' Jason Blake , Sydney Morning Herald  | FULL REVIEW

'This isn’t your usual vanilla theatre...This is a work based upon movement, light, sound and boundless energy and imagination.' Stephen Carnell, Stage Whispers  | FULL REVIEW