In the between
29 Nov - 10 Dec / Old 505 Theatre Newtown

From the Nullarbor to the Pacific Ocean, through grit and water, IN THE BETWEEN showcases two exciting new plays in development by emerging playwrights from Australia and New Zealand.

By Alex Lodge

One self-loathing optometrist. One oddball sea-maiden. Inspired by a traditional story from Aotearoa, Sing to Me charts the intoxicating experience of falling in love with an outsider, then reckoning with the sacrifices that modern love requires. Pania is the thinking woman's Ariel, holding her own in the Pacific Ocean. Alex Lodge is a Kiwi playwright to watch. 

Directed and designed by Charlotte Bradley. Performed by Emily Havea and Tom Conroy with music by Erin Watt.


by elias jamieson brown

A figure emerges on the horizon. The Nullarbor? Maybe. He has crashed his car in the middle of god-knows-where, and has wandered out into the desert in a state of delirium. He stumbles across an old weatherboard house that backs onto the edge of the universe. In the vast red nothingness that precedes him, this house stands as a sanctuary. But it's already occupied.

Haunting and urgent, CRUX is a play about asylum, and our basic human impulses to fight, protect and survive. Where do we draw the line between our individual and national identities? Are we still 'The Lucky Country'? Who are we, and what are we protecting?

Directed and designed by Dino Dimitriadis. With Ben Jeakings, Judith Gibson and Duncan Ragg and Megan Wilding. Original sound by Ben Pierpoint.