Apocalypse Theatre Co. in association with Red Line Productions

Doubt: A Parable
By John Patrick Shanley

2017 / Old Fitz Theatre

Amidst the turbulence of the 1960s, Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principal and stern Catholic nun, takes matters into her own hands when she suspects the young Father Flynn of improper relations with one of the male students. An accusation sets the stage for a powerful clash of authority, tradition, responsibility and faith.

Where do you draw the line between belief and suspicion? Between scandal and moral certainty. And when does the battle for truth turn into a witch hunt?

WINNER 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
WINNER 2005 Drama Desk Award for Best New Play
WINNER 2005 Tony Award for Best Play
WINNER 2005 New York Drama Critics’ Circle Best Play



Director Dino Dimitriadis
Producer Apocalypse Theatre Company
Set and Costume Designer - Jonathan Hindmarsh
Lighting Designer - Alexander Berlage
Composer - Benjamin Pierpoint
Stage and Production Manager - Maria Spataro
AD/Directing Secondment - Daniel Cottier
Dialect Coach - Paige Walker
Photographer - Robert Catto

With Charmaine Bingwa, Damian de Montemas, Belinda Giblin and Matilda Ridgway

At the heart of the play is the question: How do you fight for something when you’re not entirely certain? In 2017, it’s a question plaguing many areas of our post-Trump World. And we landed this play in the middle of the national enquiry into institutional abuse (hello George Pell). Plus we continue our legacy of staging great roles for women - an unwavering commitment at Apocalypse since Day 1.


"It’s hard to imagine a better or more enthralling production."
Diana Simmonds - Stagenoise

"Completely engrossing…Director Dino Dimitriadis’ production is a carefully governed, emotionally restrained reading that dials up tension almost imperceptibly. It is flawlessly cast."
Jason Blake - TimeOut Sydney

 “a gripping indie production…Dimitriadis keeps the tension building over 90 engrossing minutes.”
Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph


"Belinda Giblin, an actor who regularly crafts larger-than-life characters with an unshakeable steeliness, is astonishing in the new Sydney production at the Old Fitz Theatre."
Ben Neutze - DailyReview


"Performed with great detail by an impassioned cast of four, we are offered a marvellous intensity of interplay between characters that could only emerge from exhaustive study and immersion into the text."
Suzy Wrong - SuzyGoesSee


“This is as good as it gets…Belinda Giblin, in very possibly the crowning performance of her entire career”

Brad Syke, Syke on Stage