The Dapto Chaser - Reviews

“Playwright Mary Rachel Brown has scripted a whippet smart play, a family saga set in the sub culture of dog racing. Fleet of foot, full of laughs and plenty of pathos, the play beats with the heart of a champion” - Australian Stage

“Like a canine on cocaine, The Dapto Chaser is a get up and go show. Run to see it” - Australian Stage

“Brown wrings humour from every twist of the plot and the play glows in this well acted and thoroughly realised production directed by Glynn Nicholas” - Sydney Morning Herald

“Four actors, all perfectly cast, each giving spectacular performances that leave no imaginable room for improvement” - Suzy Goes See

“Human resilience and the popular notion of the Aussie battler doing it tough, are expressed thoroughly and fluently by director Glynn Nicholas, who brings to the stage a microcosm of a disadvantaged family that is rarely revealed at such powerful and intimate detail”  Suzy Goes See

“This is an excellent production” - Sydney Chic

“As credible and intense as Oxenbould’s character is, the actor is almost effortless in this type of role. You don’t see him working; it’s organic. The ultimate compliment is when you can’t imagine another actor in the role” - Sydney Chic

“Credit to producer Dino Dimitriadis for attracting this cast, and just as significantly, for appointing Glynn Nicholas as director” - Sydney Chic

“What happens over the course of 90 enthralling minutes is a luscious mix of ingredients that make a spicy, unexpected, twisting, turning narrative. The four characters are richly fashioned and the actors grab them with both hands and make the most of them” - Stage Noise

“All in all, The Dapto Chaser  is funny, rude, illuminating and a fine play that’s meaningful and extremely entertaining. Not to be missed” - Stage Noise

“Brown’s script is full of humour and anguish. It is directed by Glynn Nicholas, who has a sure touch with the comedy, and it has a good cast adept at finding the moments where hope turns to despair and then back again” - The Australian