Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
By John Patrick Shanley

[Danny] 'How 'bout a Pretzel?'

[Roberta] 'Fuck off, they're mine'


New York City: A rundown bar in the Bronx.

Danny and Roberta, two of society's rejects, unwillingly strike a conversation over beer and pretzels. Danny, whose workmates call him 'The Beast', resorts to violence in order to rationalise his cruel reality, while Roberta, traumatized by a past sexual incident, is in no mood to trust men. He is incapable of tenderness and possibly homicidal. She is divorced, guilt-ridden and possibly suicidal. So begins their apache dance: a gut-wrenching negotiation of circumstance, sanity and the desire for something more.

From the Pulitzer prize-winning writer of Doubt and Moonstruck, 'Danny and the Deep Blue Sea' is a haunting and electrifying evening of theatre. Shanley bravely explores the spectrum of the human experience with all of its complexities: the flawed with the beautiful; the past with the present; and the evil with the redemptive. The play is one of those rare theatrical events that leave us with more questions than answer. Ultimately we are left to ponder Danny's sentiment that "Just cause it's crazy don't mean it ain't true"

"a funny, frightening, hypnotically fascinating evening of theatre..." Drama-Logue

June 2010 | TAP Gallery


By: John Patrick Shanley | Director and Designer: Dino Dimitriadis | Stage Manager: Richard Russell | Photographer: Jeremy Yao | Graphic Designer: Jessica Lousick


Cat Martin (Roberta)
Tim Wardell (Danny)