construction of the human heart
by ross mueller

“We’re an exhibition when we’re in public. We have become weird little bodies in a dull light in a quiet room.”

Two Actors. One Hour.

Ross Mueller’s groundbreaking Construction of the Human Heart is a fast and electrifying dark comedy that tests the limits of language. Him and Her are two playwrights. They sit on stage in one of Sydney’s most intimate venues, building a play using a fortress of words. As their words begin to crack open, they fight to discover what it means to love and lose, to hope and despair and to right and write.

Nominated for the Melbourne Prize for Literature, the 2007 AWGIE Award for Play of the Year and the New York New Dramatists Award, Construction of the Human Heart is a powerful, brief and unorthodox evening at the theatre that will leave you questioning what actually took place.

April/May 2014 | TAP Gallery


Michael Cullen (Him)

Cat Martin (Her)

Angela Bauer (Voice)


Director/Producer: Dino Dimitriadis



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