Anna Houston plays Cristabel in Permission to Spin. We fired 5 Questions at her ahead of opening night

(Image: Robert Catto)

Describe your character in three words.

Ambitious. Cunning. Vulnerable.

What speaks the most to you in this show?

I'm amazed by how the playwright Mary Rachel Brown is able to juggle moments of unspeakable horror with the lightest touches of comedy. There are so many shades of the absurd laced throughout this play - yet every word, idea and action is rooted in absolute truth.

How do you think audiences will feel by the end of this show?

Outraged! And very, very entertained.

If you could have dinner with any current political leader who would it be and why?

Bill Shorten. If elected, what exactly is he going to do about the indefinite detention of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island? I reckon we could workshop the idea that it's illegal and inhumane, and that promising to end it would bring back a bit of heart and integrity to Australian politics. And probably a few voters that have left Labor and looked elsewhere for compassionate policy.

Which musical artist/band do you find to be the most annoying in the world?

Nickelback. The worst. The absolute worst.