Dino Dimitriadis on the challenges of opening up the Rehearsal Room

Construction Rehearsal

I love to get ‘behind the scenes’. I get excited when I get to glimpse an artist’s process of making work. And I don’t think I’m unique in this. There is a genuine interest in what happens behind the closed doors of the rehearsal room. There is a real yearning to see and understand what elements are combined in rehearsal to bring about a vision and a desire to know how actors talk, work and play.

It’s also very important for artists to open up their process. Why? Because it shows that work takes time to develop. Because it shows that the best processes are collaborative ones. Most importantly, because it shows that rehearsal is not magic but hard and diligent work where discoveries are only made after rigorous and detailed processes. It’s no easy feat to unlock the script, discover character, and find movement for the piece (let alone all the design and staging choices that need to be discovered in the room).

So why are creatives hesitant to open up rehearsal? I can’t speak for everyone but I can say that my general experience is this: rehearsal is about trust and trust needs to be protected. Working on Construction of the Human Heart has proven the depths of trust needed to honour the play. We have had to share stories about past relationships and experiences in order to unlock the play. We have all bared our souls. We have discussed our desires, our dreams, our hopes and and our taboos. Why? Because it gives us the shared humanity we need to understand a character’s motivations. We are also working in an environment where it’s important to admit it when something’s not working, where you have to be open to admit you’re wrong and where you have to be courageous in tearing up everything you’ve done to start again or being brave enough to follow a new path when it’s discovered. It all rests on trust.

Over the course of rehearsing Construction we’ve been sharing images, stories and anecdotes from rehearsal. Starting this blog was my way of opening up the rehearsal room. It’s my way of giving you a behind the scenes look at our process. You can always let me know what you’d like to see, what you’d like for us to share. This blog will continue beyond our production to act as a bridge - a way in which I can protect the trust in the rehearsal room and still open up this extraordinary world for you. Come behind the scenes with me and experience what making theatre is all about.

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- Dino