Lesson #1: We need to support Australian writing

Post-show Q&A with Ross Mueller

Post-show Q&A with Ross Mueller

Construction of the Human Heart begins a new journey for Apocalypse Theatre Company. I begin, with this production, to position the company toward more Australian work. We’ll no doubt continue to stage those contemporary international pieces, but I have committed the company to a repertoire that is at least 50/50. Why? Because I believe that there is an abundance of talent in this country with many stories to tell and the courage to tell them. I am humbled every day by the writing of the extraordinary playwrights we have in this country who write with ambition, vision, courage and craft. Many writers I meet have a burning desire to say something about the world in which they are living. I am excited to discover many more playwrights like Ross Mueller who write with the conviction of their unique voice.  

What I feel is still lacking is the infrastructure to support these talented writers. I believe that not enough time and resources are afforded to development. There is also a gap in work on our national stages accurately reflecting our society. There is simply not enough work depicting people with racial and sexual diversities and the representation of women and aging on our stages could be further explored. I am keenly aware of the abundance of stories waiting to be told. And I strongly believe that we, in the independent sector, have as much responsibility to get behind Australian writers as our mainstage funded companies do.

One of the highlights of my career to date was the night Ross Mueller flew from Melbourne to see our production of Construction. It was terrific to have a living breathing Australian playwright see their work staged and an honour to all draw together in the same room to celebrate the collective efforts that make theatre possible.

There is a lot of writing talent in this country. And I can't wait to see more of it on our stages.

- Dino Dimitriadis