Artist Profile: Actor Michael Cullen

Michael Cullen is one of Sydney's most versatile actors. When he's not puppeteering a horse or a dinosaur, he steps onto the Indie stage. We asked him a few questions about his work and about what excites him about playing 'Him' in Construction of the Human Heart


What are the most recent productions you have performed in?
Warhorse (national tour); Closer (Apocalypse Theatre Company); Macbeth (Sport for Jove); Taming of the Shrew (Sport for Jove); Dinosaur Zoo (Erth)

Which role/s or production/s would you be most recognised for?
Larry in Closer

Have you worked with any of the creative team before? If so, when?
Yes, I've worked with Cat and Dino on Closer and would jump at the chance to work with them again. Their passion for the process and emotional courage while creating the work makes for a very challenging and extremely rewarding experience, as well as crafting a gripping night of theatre.

Do you have any special skills, hobbies or surprise abilities
I enjoy making things (my sister calls it 'contraptualizing'), cycling, snorkeling and reading

Overall, what made you choose this role?
I was drawn to this role because of the way it does everything I want a play to do: speak of life experiences in a way that lets us share the journey of a completely different person in an extremely intimate way, and share this experience with other people.


Is their story similar to yours in any way?
I related immediately to his sense of creative ebb and flow of both inspiration and job security. Also that desire, sometimes really desperation, to connect in a relationship despite different momentum and direction.

Which characteristics are most different from you?
I like to think I am more emotionally honest with myself when faced with a crisis, and maybe a little less self absorbed than 'Him'.