Rehearsal is about discovering the layers

We're about to head into the second week of rehearsal and have already discovered so many layers in the play. Construction of the Human Heart is one of the most layered pieces of work I've ever encountered.  It is constantly revealing new things and we're working hard to uncover all the humour and depth of the piece so that you can experience the magic of Ross' writing. 

We've completed one cycle through the play to make sense of all the scenes as one continous experience. We're starting to get a sense of how we'd like to inhabit the TAP Gallery stage for this piece. Everything is still up for grabs and it's important to not make decisions too early. It's also important to avoid all our preconceptions. We're still deciding what the set will look like. We're exploring what these people should be wearing. We're working hard to discover all the clues that Ross has buried in the text. His brilliant work is peppered throughout with these clues. Rehearsal is hard work but it's thrilling when new discoveries are found. They're earned and they are never taken for granted.

This week we're going to start locking in some early design ideas and start finding the movement of the piece. We're going to take you inside the rehearsal room and share the 'magic moments' when they arrive. 

- Dino Dimitriadis