Artist Profile: Actor Cat Martin

Cat Martin is one of Australia's hardest working actors, with an extensive list of production credits. She's playing the role of 'Her'  in our new show, Construction of the Human Heart in April and we recently asked her some questions to get the goss on her fabulous work.

Actor Cat Martin

Actor Cat Martin

What are the most recent productions you have performed in?
As You Like It (Shakespeare on the Green) 2013; Electra (No White Elephant) 2013; The Winter’s Tale (SOTG) 2012; Coup d’Etat (Bakehouse) 2011 & 2012; Shakespeare’s Mothers: Mad, Bad & Dangerous; Edinburgh Fringe (2010), Adelaide fringe (2011); Midsummer Night’s Dream / Romeo & Juliet (Sport for Jove) 2010; Closer (Apocalypse Theatre Company) 2011; Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Apocalypse Theatre Company)

Which role/s or production/s would you be most recognised for?
Anna in Closer
Roberta in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
Jaques (Jax) in As You Like It (SOTG)
Titania in Midsummer Night’s Dream (SOTG)
Kate in Taming of the Shrew (SOTG)
Florence in Noel Coward’s The Vortex (Factory Space)

Have you worked with any of these actors before? When?
Yes! Worked with Michael Cullen in Closer and in a touring production called Boo! Have also directed Michael and developed a show with him for Sydney Opera House – The Four Seasons – Babies prom. First met Michael when he was in a first-year Linguistics class I was teaching at Macquarie Uni!

Have you worked with the director before? If so, did this have anything to do with your decision to be involved in this production?
Absolutely. He’s the best ☺ Have done To Kill a Mockingbird, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, Closer and Metamorphoses with Dino, and he has utterly spoiled me for any other director.

Do you have any special skills, hobbies or surprise abilities
Singer, composer, play piano. Teach linguistics at Mac University.

Overall, what made you choose this role?
Saw the play in 2007 and was blown away by it. Have always wanted to do this show.

Is their story similar to yours in any way?
Wayyyy too similar! I am a writer, like the character. I am fascinated by language. And my favourite book as a child was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Which characteristics are most different from you?
She can be much more closed-off emotionally than me.