Lesson #2: Smaller is sometimes better

Independent theatre usually involves compromise. We're faced with significant challenges and constraints but equally with unique opportunities to make exciting work that speaks to the landscape of the industry, the community, the world we live. Every single production involves making new choices about what's important.

In the case of Construction of the Human Heart, everything has been about a return to basics. Apocalypse Theatre Company's production is about a return to the essence of theatre: a story, an exchange, a shared room and actors 'holding up a mirror' so to speak. It's first and foremost about the words and the performances. It's about recognising that without the 'players' the theatre wouldn't exist. By stripping out every unnecessary cost and performing bare-bones without bells and whistles, we can pay the actors. And by paying the actors, we sustain them to keep telling us stories, to keep lending theatre its magic.  

Sometimes a play comes along that allows you to do all these things while still preserving its truth. I'm fortunate that I have one of those plays in this instance. There's no compromise or sacrifice, just simplicity and truth. And if not enough of these plays exist to allow us to do this, then we need to get behind the people who can write them and rally behind the artists who are committed to continuously bringing truthful stories to our stages.   

- Dino Dimitriadis