First reading Construction of the Human Heart - Dino Dimitriadis

Construction came to me unexpectedly. Cat Martin gifted me a copy of the play about four years ago. She wanted me to read it, she said it was a special play.

Ross' words caught me by surprise. They were rich, poetic, at times laugh out loud funny and as I got deeper and deeper into the work I realised that this wasn't only an incredible story but an extraordinary experiment in theatrical form. I was blown away by the mind of this writer and his ability to do incredible things with words on one page and several pages later show what happens when words stop working, when they break down. Before I knew it I had almost finished reading the play.

Sometimes a play stirs something in your core, something in your mind or heart that stops you in your tracks. For me, this 'gut' reaction is what I need to feel about a work to consider staging it. Construction of the Human Heart stirred everything inside me - it was at once entertaining and gut-wrenching. It had a haunting beauty. It climbed to the top of my list and waited for the right moment to be done.

- Dino Dimitriadis, Director/Producer