Why we're crowd-funding this production

I had a play, one very close to my heart, sitting in a drawer.

Construction of the Human Heart is a special play for me. The first time I read it four years ago, I was so deeply surprised and moved that I reread it straight away. It was Cat Martin who first gave me the play as she was so touched by a production she had seen that she wanted me to read Ross Mueller’s beautiful words. My dream cast for this show was always Michael Cullen and Cat Martin, who both jumped at the chance to perform together again for Construction.

I had vowed to myself though that I wouldn’t stage this piece if I couldn’t pay the actors. Why? Because these actors have both made independent theatre for over 15 years and have rarely been properly compensated for the time they have given bringing incredible characters to life before our eyes. I wanted, at the very least, to cover their living expenses so that they could focus exclusively on bringing this wonderful script to life.

So why crowd-fund this show? Until I find a way to have all our costs covered by sponsors, including our artist fees, crowd-funding is the only viable alternative.

I have an unwavering belief in the generosity of people who enjoy art. I believe that you recognise how much the artists give of themselves to bring you great theatre. And until we’re able to pay actors without asking you for support, I believe that you understand why our Pozible campaign exists. Please consider supporting Construction of the Human Heart. Our artists thank you.

- Dino Dimitriadis
Director/Producer, Construction of the Human Heart