All My Sleep and Waking


2018 | Old 505 Theatre

All My Sleep And Walking by Mary Rachel Brown is a study of broken homes, staggeringly authentic in its observations, ”

“Directed by Dino Dimitriadis, the production is deliciously taut, with meticulous attention on interactions between characters that delivers some very gripping drama.”

Suzy Goes See

“Dino Dimitriadis directs with great sensitivity a play full of raw emotion while bringing out its humour.”

“Mary Rachel Brown has rewritten her 20-year-old first play, and it is a short (75 minutes), sharp, finely observed piece.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“Director Dino Dimitriadis tunes the piece perfectly to this intimate space on designer Maya Keys’ distillation of a cheerless home. Lighting (Alexander Berlage) and sound (Ben Pierpoint) are precisely calibrated.”

“A wise play, a fine production and easy to recommend.”

Audrey Journal

“the verve and wit of the script, together with four sharply differentiated and uniformly excellent performances makes All My Sleep And Waking a night to remember”


Written by Mary Rachel Brown
Directed by Dino Dimitriadis
Producer Charlie Murphy
Production Design Maya Keys
Lighting Design Alexander Berlage
Sound Design and Composition Benjamin Pierpoint
Production Photography Robert Catto

Di Adams, Angela Bauer, Alex Beauman and Richard Sydenham

'I am not saying I don't wish him peace but he should run through those pearly gates of heaven. If he walks, he'll get caught for something.'

As a father's death approaches, three siblings struggle to reconcile with their differing experience of the same man. Conflicting memories, rusted on family habits and arguments about who will do what at the funeral all create distraction from the painful truth. Parental love isn't always fair. And keeping score on family history is a dangerous game.

In a special and rare move, Mary Rachel Brown revisits and rewrites her first play; an ode to the complexity of forgiveness and a searing and unflinching look at family, love and duty.